Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Only Qualification She Has Is Between Her Legs!

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me! This Is The Best That McSame Could Come Up With? There Are A Lot Of Good, Decent Republicans Out There Who DO Have The Experience To Lead This Country.

I Won't Bother Naming Them Since It Doesn't Matter, However, Palin Is Not One Of Them. She Is Nothing But A Tool For A Tool. McCain Saw A Gap That Obama May Have Left In Not Choosing Hillary And He Chose Her For The Votes That She May Bring. What's Irritating Is That She Wasn't Even The Best Female Choice. The Fact Is She Is A Former Beauty Queen, We All Know How Intelligent They Are.

She Was Also A Sports Reporter Before She Became A Mayor Of A Small Podunk Town For 6 Years. Let's Be Honest, A Town With Less Than 6,000 People Is Not That Hard To Manage. But Apparently Warranted 5.5 MILLION Dollars In Federal Funds Through An Earmark System That She Now Criticizes.

It Didn't Stop When She Became Governor, Either. She Requested Almost 198 Million, 100 Million More Than Any Other State. But Apparently 1.5 Years In That Position Is All The Experience You Need To Really Know How To Work Across Party Lines And Across The Table With Negotiators From Some Of The Most Dangerous Countries In The World.

Is This A Person You Want To Be A Heartbeat Away From Being President?

I Think That McCain Has Lost His Mind And Gone Senile. Does McCain Have Such A Low Opinion Of Women Voters That They Would Overlook Education, Abortion, Foreign Policy, Civil Rights, Health Care, Family Leave And More Simply To Vote For A Female Candidate? Or Does This Just Point To His Inability To Make Lucid Choices Under Pressure?

The Final Question - Is She The Right Person for The Job? Does She Have The Qualifications? Would She Be Offered This If Her Name Was Scott And She Didn't Have A Vagina Between Her Legs?

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