Sunday, September 21, 2008

Palin/McCain - Ignorant/Inept

My Friend Steve Has A Post About Palin And Her Lack Of Not Only any Actual Scientific Knowledge But Also A Lack Of Critical Thinking. Link To Zarbi's Journal I Get Tired Of Hearing The Continual Stream Of Blatant Lies Coming From The Repuglicans. Seriously, We All Know That Politicians Stretch The Truth And Omit Words From Quotes But It's Getting Outrageous.

The Worst Part Is That Most People Can't Be Bothered To Do A Little Research On Their Own. I Admit That With My Union Ironworker Background In A Strong Union Area That I Was Leaning Towards The Democratic Candidate Anyway But, I Still Feel That It Is My Obligation To Make An Informed Decision Based On My Own Research And Fact Finding.

I Suggest Starting Here.

I Embellish A Little More Here On My Response To Steve.

Why Are People So Damned Proud Of Their Ignorance? Ignorance Is Bliss?

Why Are They So Proud Of Being Intellectually Lazy? They Don't Know It?

The Sad Fact Is That The Ignorant, Lazy, Religious Right Loves To Wallow Around In Their Self Indulgence; Telling Others How To Properly Behave; All Whilst Happily Gobbling Up All The Sound Bytes From The Very Conservative Press And Personal Religious Institution. IE: Fox, Rush, O'Reilly, Etc. It's True, These Simpletons Really Do Stick To Their Guns And Religion.

It's Amazing How Many People Still Believe The Lies About Baracks' Birthplace, Religious Beliefs, Personal Beliefs, Political Policies, Etc. Since They Have Been Proven To Be Lies I Choose To Not Spread The Meme, If You Repeat The Lie People Remember It Even If Told It's False.

It's Simply That They Want It All Given To Them On A Platter Where They Can Pick And Choose What They Want To Hear. Basically, At The End Of The Day They Are Pleased To Make That Un/Under Informed Decision. That Way, When McCain Gets In And It Goes To Shit, They Can Claim That They Were Misled And Didn't Know That That Was What They Were Voting For.

Just Like Our Current Administration Is Filled With Lies, Half-Truths, Cover-ups And A Flat Out Disregard For The Constitution. I've Seen It Written, "The Way They Campaign Is A Sure Sign To How They Will Govern."

61 Lies So Far, Do We Want That For Four/Eight/Twelve/SIX-TEEN More Years!?


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