Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blog Tips

Since I Have Been Asked A Few Times About My Expandable Posts I Figure It'll Be Good To Blog It For Easier Access.

It's A Great Site For A Newcomer Like Me.

This Is The Fade In.

Now I'm Just Trying To Figure Out How To Get All Of My Text Legible. Need A Background Color For The Text.

P.S. Diacanu - Feel Free To Add Me, Permission Not Needed. ;)


Diacanu said...

Awsome! Thanks!
Now, as to my other question, can I link you?

][vellios said...

LOL It's In The PS At The Bottom Of The Post.

Sure, Feel Free To Link Me. I'm Trying To Get As Many Readers As I Can.

I Figured I'd Link All The RDNet Posters That I Enjoy Reading.

Diacanu said...

D'oh! didn't see the PS.

Must've been your cosmic background that blinded me. ;)

Okay, done. :)

Lee said...

I Figured I'd Link All The RDNet Posters That I Enjoy Reading.

That place moves to fast for me now... once upon a time I found a nice little corner and talked.

Now? It is just fire a comment and forget.


][vellios said...

Yeah, Lee, It's Hard To Get Into A Conversation There. Unfortunately, I Never Spent Much Time In The Forums.

Only One Thread Really Got Me And That Was One That Was Pushing People To Debate On Christian Sites.

I Wish There Was A Thread With Ideas And Talking Points For Discussions. The Debate Points On That Site Is Not Much More Useful Than The Daily News Items.

TheWhitePearl said...

aww boys you just have to get it at the right time..

Linking you ok?

][vellios said...

You Sure Can Pearl.

BTW Since I Hear You Spin The Wheels Of Steel And Like House, How Do You Like Mashups?

You Might Like The First Song On My Playlist.