Monday, September 29, 2008

Economic Scorecard

As We All Keep Reading About Failures In The Markets, I Have Decide To Put Together A List Of Dropouts/Buyouts/Rescues And Failures.

This Is Only What I Have Cobbled Together In A Short Amount Of Time. Further Input Is Welcomed Especially From Those In Overseas Markets.

I Have A Large Blank Area, Please Scroll Down.

Failed LenderMethodNew Holder
CountywideMandated RescueBank Of America
Freddie MacTakeoverGovernment
Fannie MaeTakeoverGovernment
Merrill LynchSoldBank Of America
Bear StearnsBailout/SaleJP Morgan
Lehman BrothersBankruptcy
AIGBailout-80% Government Shares
WaMuTakeover/SaleJP Morgan
Bradford & BingleyNationalizedGovernment UK
Glitnir HFTakeover-75% Government Iceland
Hypo Real EstateBailoutGerman Institutions
FortisRescueBelgium Netherlands Luxembourg

So The Question Is, "What/Who Is Next?"

Well, You've Got Goldman Sachs And Morgan Stanley Who Have Changed Status To "Holding Banks." The Latter Has Already Sold A 5 Billion Stake To A China Firm While Also Devaluing It's Holdings By 9.4 Billion.

JP Morgan Is Busying Itself Buying All The Crap It Can. They May Be Betting On A Bailout, However, They Came Out Good After The Great Depression. Due To Following Ethical Practices And Not Just "Staying Within The Law." If They Have The Same Mindset Now, It'd Be A Good Investment If, If You Have Any To Invest.

Wachovia Is Currently Prettying Itself Up For Citigroup.


Lee said...

I use to have shares in Bradford & Bingley when I lived in the UK... I glad I sold them all 3 years back.


Lee said...

Just looks at the B&B share charts...

looks like I got something like 300 pence per share, the are now worth 20 pence per share.

You see, I pull out... and the world listens

Maybe not


][vellios said...

You Made Out Good Then!

You Should Be A Consultant! :)