Friday, September 12, 2008

Experience? Yes, No, Maybe WTF!

It'd Be Nice To Have Your Running Mate On The Same Page Don't You Think?

McCain, "I Am Prepared. I Need No On-The-Job Training. I Wasn't A Mayor For A Short Period Of Time. I Wasn't A Governor For A Short Period Of Time."

Palin, "Charlie, Again, We've Got To Remember What The Desire Is In This Nation At This Time. It Is For No More Politics As Usual And Somebody's Big, Fat Resume Maybe That Shows Decades And Decades In That Washington Establishment, Where, Yes, They've Had Opportunities To Meet Heads Of State. "

All This BS About Wrapping Yourself In The Banner Of Change. It's Amusing To Me That In The 2000 Election McCain Really Was A Person Who Could Wear That Badge. I Might Have Voted For The 2000 McCain. Unfortunately, It Didn't Get Him Anywhere And He Had To Bow Out Early. He Learned His Lesson Then And From There On Towed The Party Line. He Now Fits Squarely Into Picture That Palin Painted. He Is "Politics As Usual." He Is The Fat Cat That Wants To Keep The Status Quo.

Straight Talk Express My Ass!

I Do, However, Agree That He Will Not Be More Of The Same. If His Campaigning Is Any Indication, He Will Be Much Worse. In Fact, He Will Bring About The Finality Of A Fascist America.

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