Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Flip-Flopping And Warmongering

Why Do I Have To Read About This Second Hand? I Don't Have TV, So I Have An Excuse For Having To Hear About This Crap On The Interweb.

The Problem Is Whenever I Mention Stuff Like This To My Relatives Or People At Work Who DO Follow The News It's Unheard Of.

Are The Democrats Dropping The Ball?!

More And More Garbage About Palin Comes Out Every Day. Are They Scared To Pursue It For Fear Of Sexism Allegations? Why Not, They Get Blamed For It When Calling McCain A Pig. Way Too Touchy, Me Thinks.

Have A Gander At These Gems.

Face It The Republicans Are Lying Opportunists And The US Population Who Support Him Are Deluding Themselves.

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