Thursday, August 28, 2008

Get Ready To Take it In The Ass!

I'm On My Way Home From Work And I Notice That Gas Has Gone Up .25 Since I Went In!

I Think This Is Fucking Ridiculous! I Know That We Don't Have It As Bad As Some Other Countries Or Even As Bad As Other Parts Of This Country, But Dammit It's Crazy When You See That The Jackass Oil Speculators Jack Up The Price Just Cause They Can.

The Price Of Fuel Had Steadily Been Going Down But I Guess that Since It's Labor Day Weekend They Feel The Need To Ejaculate As Much Cash From The Average Person As They Can. After All, Despite Record Profits, Yet AGAIN, Last Quarter The Investors Were Dismayed That It Wasn't Higher.

Here's The Bullshit Part. There Is An Oil Coalition Called ICE. These Are The Main Oil Speculators, They Get To Trade Energy Commodities In The US. The Good Part Is That They Are Also The One's That Get To Set The Price On Fuel. "I Think That The Price Is Going To Go Up Because Of Blah. How About That The Price Went Up Cause I Said Blah!" They Not Only Get The Profits From The Sale Of The Fuel To Shits Like You And Me, They Also Get Profits From The Commodities Trading. Sounds Like Another Enron To Me.

But Hey Look On The Bright Side, The Government Looked Into It And At Least We're Not Being Randomly Gouged By A .25 Raise In One Day. I For One Plan On Parking My Vehicle For The Remainder Of The Weekend.

More Info Can Be Found Here:

Oil speculators provide the perfect microcosm of what happened to the economy under Bush. Back in 2001, investment banks like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan got together and created an online exchange called the ICE for trading energy commodities. The ICE ended up buying the British-regulated International Petroleum Exchange; it then opened trading windows in the U.S., allowing Wall Street investment banks to make oil-futures trades on American soil, on their very own commodities exchange, without any federal regulation whatsoever.

"In financial terms, they were playing blackjack at tables where they themselves were the dealers, in casinos they themselves owned," says Warren Gunnels, a senior policy adviser to Sen. Bernie Sanders. "It was crazy." Trading on the ICE had a massive impact on U.S. gasoline prices, and more than one legislator wondered if energy speculators were manipulating the market, as energy traders like Enron had been before.


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