Saturday, October 4, 2008

Here Comes The Sleaze.

Or Get Ready For A Pap Smear

Just A Word Of Warning. If You Think The Smear Campaign Was Bad Before, Wait Till You See The Final 30 Days.

McCain Is On The Brink Of Launching The Lowest Campaign In History. His Negative Ads Are The Prime Focus Of The Race And He Is Spending All Of His Ad Revenue On Them.

Keep In Mind When Viewing These, He Has No Plan On How To Get Through Any Of This! He Has Plenty Bad To Say About Obama, But Nothing Good To Say To Us.

Sneak Peek To The Future.


Diacanu said...

Circling the bowl.
*Head shake*

][vellios said...

Yeup, But It's OK Cause He Spoke With Bush And He Said That God Told Him It Was OK.