Saturday, October 18, 2008

Biggest Obama Turnout?

"All I Can Say Is, WOW!" - Barack Obama


So What We Are Looking At Is An Estimated 100,000 People Who Came To See Obama Under The STL Arch.

Are These The Anti-Americans That Palin Was Talking About? I Like My Corner Of America. St. Louis Is Great. However, If I Like This Area And She Thinks It's Anti-American Does That Make Me Anti-American? So Do I Need To Hate My Area To Become Pro-American? I Need Help With This.

Of Course Most Of These People Had To Have Been Cut-Outs Or Something, It's Rally Fraud! Get ACORN On The Phone There's 20,000 Mickey Mouse's There! Of Course If It Was A McCain Rally The Number Would Be Posted To Be "1,000,000 Show Up For Rally."

On A Side Note, The Domed Building In The Background Is The Old Courthouse Where They Used To Auction Slaves. (Yes Southerners, MO Was A "Southern" State In Civil War Times) It's Great To See How Far We've Come.

I Can't Wait To See How Far We Can Go And What We Can Accomplish Under A Visionary President!

Update - Story Here!

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