Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Reason

Yet Another Reason To Be Atheist.

A senior Vatican cleric has defended the excommunication in Brazil of the mother and doctors of a young girl who had an abortion with their help

Basically, A NINE(9) YEAR OLD Girl Was Raped By Her Step-Father. She Conceived Twins. The Decision Was Made To Abort Since She Was RAPED And NINE And Most Likely Could Have Died During Childbirth. Guess What? The Vatican Plans To Excommunicate Everyone Involved (Her Mother And The Doctors) EXCEPT The Child, Since She Is Too Young To Be Held Responsible, And *Drum Roll* The RAPIST Step-Father!

As One Blogger Is Quoted -
Why should they excommunicate the rapist?! He was obviously acting under God's divine direction. It's the horrible mother and those nasty doctors who thwarted God's will! God never gives us more trouble than we can handle so that girl must have been in some cosmic way, asking for it. She probably just played at home and went to school, and God knew she could handle more than that. In fact he knew she was so capable he gave her TWINS. Think of the faith that God put in that little child to give up her own childhood (and maybe her life) to bring two precious new lives into this nearly empty world of ours. Those monsters who took those babies from her, who robbed her of all that trust and responsibility that God gave her were obviously in the wrong and surely their screams from the abyss will be a joyous thing to hear in Heaven.

Have You Noticed That These Overly Religious People Seem To Be Getting Further And Further Out There? Seriously, The Vatican Has Lost Touch And Gone Bat-Shit Crazy!

Last Point To Mention Before Any Religious Types Get Offended (Probably Too Late), The Vatican DID NOT Excommunicate Any Of The Actual Child Molesters They Have In Their Fold. Which Apparently Means They Value Rapists, Child Molesters And Fetuses Over The Life And Well Being Of A Child Not Even In Double Digits In Age.

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