Thursday, November 6, 2008

What To Do Now?

So Now I Have Nothing To Research Anymore. I Do However Look Forward To All Of The Backbiting Stories Coming Out Of The Republican Party Now.

My Problem With Reading The New Stories Is, How Frighteningly Close We Were To Having A Complete Disaster On Our Hands With A VP Palin.

Don't Know What Countries Are A Part Of NAFTA! Doesn't Know That Africa Is A Continent! Are You Fucking Kidding Me! I've Heard Of Low-Information Voters But Low-Information Candidates Is Too Much!

Country First My Ass, The Assholes That Picked Her Should Be Tried For Treason!

It Boils Down To This; The Republican Party Isn't About "Small Government": It's About Socialism For Corporations And Rich White People.

And As Lincoln Said, "Republicans Are For Both The Man And The Dollar, But In Case Of Conflict The Man Before The Dollar." I Think They Need To Go To Remedial Conservatism Classes.

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